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Hobbies. Personal collection of Vladimir Spivakov

Exhibition June 16 − September 24, 2017
A unique exhibition is currently at the Museum of Russian impressionism in Moscow.
Visitors got a rare opportunity to see exhibits from the personal collection of world-famous violinist and conductor Vladimir Spivakov.
Still meeting the Maestro could see only his friends and close acquaintances. Works of art, which for many years has gained a musician, the first time open to the General public.
Vladimir Spivakov took an active part in the formation of the concept of the exhibition: the diversity of works included in his collection, became the starting point in defining project ideas, which can be briefly expressed as "unity in diversity".
Exhibition "Hobbies. Personal collection of Vladimir Spivakov"consists of more than 90 works of artists of different eras and trends.
Among them are popular with collectors of Russian art of XIX–XX centuries, and art that the domestic collectors are not very popular. The highlight of the collection Spivakov – a unique collection of works podstekolnoj painting, folk religious images in Western Europe of the XIX century. At the exhibition visitors can see the 23 "glass" is the images of the saints and scene composition.
Despite the diversity and breadth of the classical component of the collection, the most significant part of the collection presents the works of contemporary Russian art.

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