A Retrospective Of David Hockney

Exhibition June 21 − October 23, 2017
In the Paris Museum Pompidou started an exhibition of works David Hockney dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the pop art artist. Presents more than one hundred and seventy drawings, video installations, prints, photographs and paintings, including the famous monumental landscapes, "pools" and double portraits in which he praises the realism and perspective that is similar to photographic.
Special attention is paid to the funds of the image. Hockney tries new things, explores different ways of drawing and not far behind modern technology: he has recently mastered the iPad for their work. Encourage the artist, who believes that "art is an act of exchange", by this desire wide dissemination of their creations, the need to bring it to the world.
The exhibition shows works of different years – from the very beginning of the creative ways the David Hockney to the present time. During this period his views on art and style, of course, undergone many changes. This has been influenced by the work of many artists such as Alan Davie (abstract expressionism), Jean Dubuffet (graffiti, primitivism), Francis bacon (the boldness of his artistic image was inspired by Hockney on the topic of homosexuality), Pablo Picasso (his creations were given to understand that you shouldn't limit yourself to one style and only form). And the Cubists and their works pushed David to the original solution: creating photo collages "joiners" of several images that form a figure.
The exhibition, which runs from 21 June to 23 October, will be of interest to connoisseurs of modern art.