Gustav Klimt: Austrian works from the New Gallery

Exhibition February 28 − September 2, 2019
ATexposurean extraordinary selection of Klimt paintings is presented, including an early portrait of Hertha Lew (1902) and a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer in the “golden style” (1907). They are complemented by two works with unidentified sitters - “The pale face of the symbolist” (1903) and “Black hat with feathers” (1910), which show a thorough study of the art of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec by Klimt. Late unfinished works, Ria Munch III (1917) and Dancer (1916–17), offer an unprecedented understanding of the Klimt method of work. In both cases, he first sketched a diagram of the composition with coal, and then carefully filled in the details with oil. In addition, two of Klimt’s most desirable landscapes can be seen - the Park at Kammer Castle (1909) and the forester’s House in Weissenbach II (Garden) (1914), which were painted during his summer holidays at Attersee, a popular lake in the Salzkammergut edge of Upper Austria .