"Show Promise": a look at reality from the side

Exhibition June 13 − July 16, 2017
In Lviv Palace of arts opened a major exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art "Show Promise" (Shows Promise), which presents the work of over 30 authors – both famous and obscure. The project brought Fund Zenko Foundation that aims to support and promote contemporary art in Ukraine.
All creations belong to different genres, directions and styles and even kinds of art, but they share one thing: an idea. Painters, sculptors and photographers whose works are on display, tried to show the modern realities, the world in which many troubles, wars, political contests, and art that responds to it and is able to provide guidance later in life. Exhibition curator and art historian Alexander Soloviev commented: "You will not see any recipes, utopias, futuristic paintings of a happy future, as it was in the avant-garde era. It is probably more a reflection on the present, such a heavy, tragic".
Many of the artists working with new technologies – there is video art, digital painting, conceptual photography, 3D graphics. In order to delve more deeply into some of the projects presented here, the viewers wear special glasses or headsets. So this exhibition, as a matter of fact the major media shows, blurs the boundary between reality and fiction.
The exhibition will run from 13 June to 16 July.