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Rubens and Rembrandt: what is common?

Exhibition March 22 − August 6, 2017
The opening of the new section The national gallery in Londonsaw the exhibition of works by two giants of the North European Baroque: Rubens and Rembrandt. Two recognized genius, one of the best representatives of his era with totally different styles, approaches to art, characters. Suave, erudite artist and diplomat Rubens, a native of Antwerp, was a major figure in the Flemish art of his generation. His work was a success throughout Europe. Rembrandt, in turn, in Leiden and Amsterdam chose the path of artistic courage and independence that were often contrary to the tastes of the public. He explored the essence of human emotion, focusing on his surroundings, and his creations are rarely exported outside of the Netherlands. Brings together artists one: they both had a huge influence on the art of the time and on following generations of painters.

Nine works by Rubens and eleven of Rembrandt's works are located on opposite sides of the section "face to face".

The exhibition, which will last from March 22 until August 6, allows visitors to immerse themselves in the art world of the 17th century and spend your Parallels between the works of two brilliant artists.