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"Learn modernity": his view of art

Exhibition January 1, 2014 − December 31, 2020
Permanent exhibition Municipal Museum of the Hague "Learn modernity" (Discover the Modern) invites visitors to plunge into the world of modern art and look at it solely through the prism of their own perception.

For this exhibition it was decided to abandon the chronological or geographical ordering of the paintings. It covers many periods and directions, so here are exhibited works of artists, which we are not accustomed to see at one time in one place: from Monet to Mondrian, from Kandinsky to bacon, from Picasso to Marlene Dumas.

Audiences have the unique opportunity to compare the work did not like each other authors and hold between them Parallels, to find answers to your questions. As minimalists, including, for example, Donald Judd, influenced by Mondrian? What is the relationship between the expressionism of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and multi-layered portraits of Marlene Dumas? Watching the world's most famous artists – Vincent van Gogh, Louise Bourgeois, Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso?

Exposition "Learn modernity" is a unique opportunity to look at art from a completely different angle.