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"The apotheosis of life"

Exhibition July 21 − September 17, 2017
MVK ARTS Gallery of arts Zurab Tsereteli 21 Jul opens for visitors exhibition "The apotheosis of life"Russian artist Vasily Shevchenko. The exhibition includes approximately 50 works of the author of the collection of the Voronezh art Museum named after I. N. Kramskoy.
Vasily was born in 1926 in the village of Kolybelka Voronezh region. Shevchenko independently studied painting, it turned out that formal artistic education he could not get. Interrupted by the war, where he fought in the army infantry and was seriously wounded at Konigsberg in 1945.
Therefore, to Express their thoughts and feelings through the images the author had to learn in his attitude, intuition, the needs of the soul and talent. In the end, we see the work of the master, unique in its identity.
Since 1960, Shevchenko participated in the regional (Lipetsk, Voronezh), Russian (Moscow) and the largest international fairs in Madrid and Chicago. In 1990 he was accepted into the International Federation of artists UNESCO, 1991 – member of Union of artists of Russia. In 1990, the Central documentary film Studio was the film devoted to Vasily Shevchenko: "In the primeval forest with the mysterious moon" (directed by V. V. Orekhov).
The works of Vasily Ivanovich Shevchenko, during the life of the artist, had a chance to make a triumphant tour of the countries of the Old world and New world, making its Creator one of the prominent representatives of world culture. Currently his works are in museums of Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany, Finland, Korea, USA.
Author of genre compositions, landscapes, still lifes, folk and a variety of picturesque motifs, Vasily Shevchenko has created in his work is colorful and poetic legend of the earth Pridonya with distinctive characters of folk beliefs about Mermaids and devils, good minded animal, a living breathing forest and the expanse of the steppe. Paintings by Vasily Shevchenko is a kind of pictorial message to mankind, is always filled with the greatest sincerity of feelings and thoughts.

According to the press release MVK ARTS Gallery of arts Zurab Tsereteli.