Retrospective Modigliani

Exhibition November 23, 2017 − April 2, 2018
23 Nov 2017 The Tate Gallerywill open the exhibition of the most famous works of Amedeo Modigliani, the artist, who died in poverty of the artist, whose works are now valued in the millions of dollars.

During the life of the painter has held only one exhibition of his work, and even it did not last long – the audience did not like to see the poster of a naked woman with body hair (the "Reclining Nude," which was then sold for a fabulous sum).

Young and talented, Modigliani could not resist the temptations of the Bohemian world. And as a result of the promising young man he has become almost a nobody, poor and sick – but talent is not "drunk". Modigliani died young, however, managed to significantly expand the boundaries of art of the time and leave a memory for many generations.

Speaking of Amedeo Modigliani, people remember first and foremost, not his tragic life or tragic death, but his paintings. And this fact is evidence of the great talent of the artist.

The Tate organizes the largest UK retrospective of Modigliani. Among other things, will be presented a series of portraits, showing his friendship with other well-known artists and a large collection of "naked" is provocative and the most famous creations of the painter.

For the first time in the Modern history of the Tate Gallery will be used multimedia tools, which allow viewers to "visit" the Paris of the early twentieth century.

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