The best pie in Havana. Exhibition Of Elena Tretyakova

Exhibition 6 − July 16, 2017
Personal exhibition of famous artist and adventurer Elena Tretyakova "Best pie in Havana" will be held in the cosy halls of the Siberian Art Spaces.
In the days of the exhibition will be held three thematic lectures, workshops, and tours of the exhibition with the opportunity to meet the author in a relaxed atmosphere.

On tours of the exhibition with Elena Tretyakova (7 July, 19.00) You will learn the history of the series and separate works. No one but the author will not tell you what the relationship between pie and lizard, why the couple is depicted with jellyfish and mushrooms instead of the head or crazy person concludes in a maze with no exit.

10 July (19.00) all will be waiting for stories about the journey to Cuba "From Havana to Santiago de Cuba. Cuban diary". The program is a fascinating story about Cuba showing photos. The lecture complements the work of the "Cuban series", presented at the exhibition.

Lecture Svetlana Kornienko "the novel of F. Sologub's "little demon": symbolist and decadent practices of writing" (July 12, 19.00) devoted to the most popular novel of Russian modernism. We welcome everyone who wants to improve the practice of reading and learning to read the most complex texts of Russian and world literature!

Mini-course Helena Tretyakova "Hatching in contemporary illustration. Appliances decorative hatching" (13 July, 19.00) is designed for those who want to develop in the field of illustration, book graphics and animation. The master class focused on learning the basics of decorative shading.

Lecture "Graffiti in London" Helena Tretyakova (July 14, 19.00) will present its own collection of graffiti collected by the author during several visits to London. The lecture is accompanied by a display of photographs and helps to better understand the artist's work series "God save the Queen", presented at the exhibition.

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