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Exhibition July 28 − October 13
Southern women artists from the Johnson collection
This exhibition, spanning decades from the late 1890s to the early 1960s, addresses particularly complex issues that female artists encountered in a traditionally conservative region at a time when the social, cultural, and political roles of women were rethought and rethought. Whether they work in special studio spaces, in free rooms at home or on the world stage, the artists presented at the exhibition have made a remarkable contribution in helping future generations of artists through training, incorporating new aesthetics into visual art and challenging the status quo.

Exhibitions "Women artists of the South from the Johnson collection" presents the work of forty-two women artists working in the American South and inspired by them, including works by such diverse artists as Kate Freeman Clark, Lois Mail Johns, Ida Colmeyer, Adel Lemm August Augave Savage, Alma Thomas and Helen Turner. The exhibition covers a variety of media, including painting, sculpture and paper work.
Galleries at the exhibition