Michael Klauke: Language as Art

Exhibition June 7 − September 8, 2019
“Most of my art takes the form of drawings or paintings, but I also sometimes shoot videos. My work is an attempt to combine my interests in graphic design, conceptual art, traditional painting, graphics, and language complexity.

All works at this exhibition use the language as the main building block. In the previous examples, the word or words took the place of both the subject and the image. Later, I began to combine words with more traditional images.

In the most recent works (from 2001 to the present), those drawings that are in the “Text Pointillism” section of this exhibition, I use the words to create images. Each of these works consists of an image made up entirely of thousands of tiny handwritten words. In this ongoing series, I create art in which words and images are interconnected and interdependent. "- Michael Klauke, artist.