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Exhibition August 29 − September 9, 2013

Female name - Moscow

Clara Golitsyna
Tatyana Strelbitskaya
Marina Leizgold
Olga Gorokhova
Tatyana Kostrikova
Inna Ivanova
Polina Andrukovich
Elena Kraft
Nata Konysheva
Elena Krokhina
Tatyana Kisulina
Lucy Voronova
Elena Starkova
Anya Acorn
Natalia Kaspirovich
Anya Oparina

From August 29 to September 9

Each city has its own character; you can’t describe it with a few sentences - especially if we are talking about a megacity, especially about Moscow. Nevertheless, everyone has their own ideas about this character, and voluntarily or unwittingly we exchange them. From these personal notions, like a picture of tiny pixels, the “collective image” of the city is formed, acquiring distinct feminine features.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the feminine character of Moscow that it causes more strong feelings - love or dislike, rather than cold indifference and detachment. Moscow is shaping and changing us, demanding the return of considerable mental strength and energy, however, it also gives a huge creative impulse to those who are able to feel it. Obviously, the artist can not feel this breath, "catching a wave" coming from the city.

The A3 Gallery is a Moscow hall with a twenty-five year history, which has already become an integral part of the Arbat landscape. Here a project has been prepared in which artists do not so much describe Moscow as they themselves represent it, and given the character of the city, it is not surprising that they invited just and only women.

For many participants of the exhibition, the artistic stage of life began with the A3 gallery, there were debut projects by Klara Golitsyna, Ani Acorn, Lucy Voronova, Tanya Strel'bitskaya, and many talented artists of different generations. Together they are the female name. Moscow.

The exhibition is open until September 9

... When the Sistine Madonna was brought to Moscow, everyone went to look at it. Faina Georgievna heard the conversation of two officials from the Ministry of Culture. One claimed that the picture did not impress him. Ranevskaya noticed:
- For so many centuries, this lady made such an impression that now she herself has the right to choose whom to impress and who is not!
Faina Ranevskaya