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Exhibition June 5, 2013

Charity art auction "In one breath"

Charity art auction "In one breath"

Charity art auction

"In one breath"


Charitable Foundation "Oxygen" Rotary Club Moskau Metropol

Gallery A3

Cultural Center "Pokrovsky Gate"

What is cystic fibrosis? Information on the A3 Gallery website:

What is the business of OF?

While there is no opportunity to defeat the cause, it is possible and necessary to fight the consequences. You can help a person feel better, breathe deeply, have hope for tomorrow, and know that he is not alone. The Oxygen program implements the following tasks: - to provide the patients with vital medications, medical nutrition and medical equipment donations); - dissemination of information on the needs and problems of children and adults with CF; - holding a variety of events - concerts, exhibitions, fairs: we tell visitors about what CF is, and collect donations for the most urgent needs; - conducting various classes with children and adolescents who are being treated at the Russian Pediatric Clinic Hospital (RCCH): games, drawing, art therapy, and just communication; - providing support to the wards and their families in difficult situations: psychological, social, legal and other assistance, among other things - the organization of nursing services. hospitals due to lack of beds and the lack of experienced specialists in the regions. A certified physician-resuscitator, a medical assistant and drivers participate in the work of the nursing service on a voluntary basis.

How can I help Trust Fund? - make a donation: you can transfer money in favor of the program in one of the ways convenient for you. You can learn more about the ways of providing material assistance from volunteers or on the program website; - implement entertainment programs for children in the hospital: children undergoing treatment at a hospital in Moscow (RDBK) and their parents who are with them will also welcome guests, holidays, entertainment programs that could brighten up a monotonous and not always comfortable hospital life ; - to become a volunteer: you can also provide all possible assistance in organizing ongoing actions, buying and transporting drugs, food, patients. You can become part of our team and provide your support in those areas where it is needed. We will always welcome new friends and helpers; - to provide information assistance: we will also be grateful for your informational support, which you can provide by telling your friends and acquaintances about our beneficiaries and their problems.



Phone: +7 916 644 86 69, Maya Sonina - director.e-mail:

You can donate money to our fund by sending an sms message to the short number 2420 in the following format: OXYGEN amount or KISLOROD amount.

For example, if you want to donate 100 rubles, you need to send to the number 2420 sms of the form: Oxygen 100. Thank you for your attention to the work of the charitable foundation “Oxygen”!

The Idea of Rotary

Information on the A3 Gallery website

Rotary in Russia

The first Rotary clubs in Russia were created in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1990. The development dynamics of the Rotary organization in Russia is such that currently there are already more than 90 clubs: from Naryan-Mar to Krasnodar and from St. Petersburg to Kamchatka. Thanks to the efforts of the Russian Rotarians, many humanitarian projects were implemented, such as the purchase of various equipment and medicines for hospices, nursing homes, orphanages. Many schoolchildren, students, and young professionals are sent to study centers and universities in Europe and America through rotary advanced training programs. Contacts with Rotarians from other countries contributed to the growth of mutual understanding among the peoples of these countries.

Rotary Club Moskau Metropol

Moscow Rotary Club Metropol was founded in 2011 and has 35 active members. This is the first German-Russian club, including German and Russian participants. The activities of our Club are based on three areas: helping socially vulnerable groups of people, developing relations between sister cities and supporting international educational exchange in Russia. While supporting the Oxygen foundation, we would like to help children and adults suffering from cystic fibrosis to cope with this disease and looking to the future with hope. If you are interested in the activities of the club or have any questions, please contact us by email:

Matthias Aicher

President Valerie Tavakkoli Secretary

Place of Power GALLERY A3

1. Alexander Volkov "Silent Water" 2008 Oil on canvas 110 x 80

2. Evgeny Gorokhovsky "Excess space suffocates us more than a disadvantage" 2012 Oil on canvas, acrylic. 104 x 133

3. Andrey Grositsky "Lilac folds" 2013 Oil on cardboard. 40 x 55

4. Yura Ruff "V. O." 2013 Paper, watercolor, ink. 50 x 50

"The Man in the Hat" 2001 Oil on canvas. 46 x 33

5. Vitaly Kopachev “Transfiguration” 1993 Tempera on canvas

6. Aladdin Garunov From the “High Fashion” series “Angelina Jolie” 2011 Cardboard, mixed media.

7. Alexander Pankin "Closed space on the surface of a white disk" 2010 Hardboard, plastic, mirror, acrylic. 86 x 61

8. Andrey Volkov "Holiday" 2012-13 Oil on canvas 150 x 107

9. Alexey Iorsh ”Screen with a whale” 2013 Flizelin, acrylic. 100 x 75

10. Valery Volkov "The performance of maskaraboz" 1962 Oil on cardboard 50 x 70

11. Magomed Kazhlaev "B-200" 2000 Oil on canvas. 52 x 36

12. Alexander Antonov "City Gulls” 2013 Oil on canvas. 40 x 60

13. Yevgeny Kryuchkov ”Food Cart” 2010 Oil on canvas. 80 x 100

14. Natalya Kaspirovich "Immersion” 2012 Oil on canvas. 80 x 90

15. Tatyana and Sergey Kostrikovs “Agreed, ingeniously” 2013 Canvas, acrylic, stamp paint. 167 x 115

16. Olga Jordan "Fragments of cars" Triptych. Canvas, oil. 50 x 120

17. Tanya Strelbitskaya “Nastya” 2013 Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 120

18. Vasily Efimochkin “In the Inverted World” Oil on canvas.

19. Daniel Cortez “Peace” 2013 Oil on canvas. 30 x 60

20. Maxim Fetisov ”Abstraction” 2011 Coated paper, acrylic. 80 x 110

The Moscow Gallery A3 Exhibition Hall, or for short, simply “A-three”, has long earned its reputation as a “power point” on the map of the artistic life of Moscow.