Art History STYLES

Exhibition May 22 − June 1, 2014
Sessions of Moscow artists in Gallery A3.
XIV season.

The events of recent months show deep "tectonic shifts" in life; Without a doubt, we are entering the next phase of significant change. As a rule, at such moments the number of theories expressed, predictions, predictions and prophecies far exceeds the human capabilities for their at least some adequate analysis.
It is well known that precisely works of art often become markers of time - even in the case when the author intentionally avoided actuality; it only confirms the existence of creative intuition, a special ability to capture the state of history.
We invite artists to take part in an experiment (or game) - to suggest which of the “great styles” of visual art would be most relevant for the present or possible near future. Thus, resorting to the reception of "removal", we change the optics of perception of today.

Requirements for the work provided:
According to the conditions of our experiment, it is allowed to refer to different eras and styles, but no later than classicism.
You can interpret styles in any manner and technique.
The work must be accompanied by the author's commentary (in electronic form).
Names of works must be actually the names of selected styles.
According to the results of the exhibition will be published catalog
The format of works - no more than 150 cm horizontally and 280 cm vertically.
Material, technique - without restrictions.