Beyond imagination... the treasure of Emperor, Mutsuhito

Exhibition July 5 − October 1, 2017
For the first time in the exhibition halls of the Patriarch's Palace and assumption belfry of the Moscow Kremlin has opened a unique exhibition of works of decorative art of Japan.
Exhibits from the private collection of a British scientist with a world name, collector and philanthropist, the Iranian-born Professor Nasser David Khalili will see visitors to the exhibition "Beyond imagination. Treasures of Imperial Japan of the XIX — beginning of XX century...".
The exhibition presents numerous varieties of the famous Japanese kimono, great examples of Japanese embroidery silk, art metal and enamel products.
The exhibition consists of 82 exhibits, the third of which is never shown to the wider public kimono periods Edo, Meiji, including ceremonial. These luxurious garments sewn from exclusive silk handmade in Japan and highly appreciated imported fabrics. In their decoration used characteristic only for Japanese traditional art patterns, made in the techniques of batik, murals stencils, hand painting, and embroidery with silk and metal threads.
Osoby the delight of the distinguished products of Japanese enamel and metal artists presented on the exhibition. The unique combination of strict Japanese tradition and innovation, typical of the Meiji era, makes the audience go, stand near each exhibit.
These products are of the highest level and impeccable taste, since 1873, was presented by Japan at the national industrial exhibitions in Tokyo and at international exhibitions in Austria, USA, France, Germany, the UK and Belgium, were used as diplomatic gifts.

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