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Van Gogh, Rousseau, Corot: in the woods

Exhibition July 7 − September 10, 2017
The van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam July 7, presented the exhibition "van Gogh, Rousseau, Corot: in the woods."
These artists of the 19th century, though came from different countries, United by one purpose exposure. The French Impressionists influenced the work of van Gogh during his Paris period, and the artists of the Barbizon school (among them Corot and Rousseau), in turn, influenced "small Dutch". However, the main thing they have in common – a love of art and nature.

Nature played a large role in the lives and work of each of the exhibited artists. Théodore Rousseau urged: "go Back to nature, forests and ancient poetry". Vincent van Gogh taught my brother and through his works – each one of us: "Continue to walk and admire nature, because it is the true way to understand art better and better." Camille Corot believed that "man has the right to choose the profession of artist only after he recognizes in himself a living and a passion for nature and a desire to follow it with such insistence that nobody will be able to relax".

Van Gogh always wanted to portray the forest so, "to be able to breathe and to wander in it and to smell the trees." He's certainly succeeded... Among a wide variety of works are exhibited and last painting by the Dutch postimpressionist – "the Roots of the trees."

Come to the forest – come to the exhibition in the van Gogh Museum, which runs until September 10.