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Exhibition October 5, 2019 − January 19
Word and Image: The Bible of St. John
"Word and Image: The Bible of St. John"contains seventy-six pages from the first handwritten illustrated Bible, commissioned by a Benedictine monastery since the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century. Created using traditional handwritten materials such as handmade ink and written pens, ground pigments, gold leaf and calf parchment The skin of the Bible of St. John includes a modern perspective linking medieval craftsmanship to the 21st century. Images for the manuscript were taken from ancient and modern variables worlds to inspire new reading and interpretation of the biblical text. Enabling the motives of religious traditions outside Christianity, including Judaism, Buddhism and Islam, as well as Native American, Middle Eastern and South Asian culture, the Bible gives the Saint John Multicultural resonance for people of all religious traditions.