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"Degas. Dance. Image": friendship with the artist and poet

Exhibition November 28, 2017 − February 25, 2018
In connection with the centenary of the death of Edgar Degas The musée d'orsay in November organizes an exhibition of the artist's works based on a little-known work of his friend.

Edgar Degas and Paul valéry were very close. The artist and writer (poet, philosopher) – they perfectly complement each other in life and in art. Their friendship lasted 20 years. It resulted in the essay "Degas. Dance. Drawing", published by Vollard in 1937. Valerie wrote about the man so that any reader could imagine what the man was, his eyes as if to see how he did, to understand his paintings.

At the exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to study the mutual influence of Degas and Valerie in three ways. First, using archival and personal documents. Secondly, exploring the relationship between paintings and books friends. And finally, thirdly, due to the excerpts from the essay "Degas. Dance. Figure", used to describe works of the artist.

This relationship between the text and the pictures will help you better understand the work of Edgar Degas.

The exhibition will run from 28 November until 25 February.