The Impressionists in London. French artists-exiles

Exhibition November 2, 2017 − May 7, 2018
1870-e years has given France hard: war with Prussia, a great number of social problems, riots in Paris... the Atmosphere was very hectic, so many artists had to seek refuge on the other side of the channel in the UK

The exhibition, which will be held in The British Tate gallery will allow visitors to see England and its people as seen when the French Impressionists, and gives opportunity to get acquainted with the wonderful works by Monet, Pissarro, Tissot and many others. The relationship of these "artists in exile" with the London artists are not only influenced their own work, but also contributed to the formation of the British art platform.

The largest section of the exhibition will be devoted to the river Thames and London as key areas of French art of the time. Visitors will be able to match the vision of its British residents and artists moved here.

Another not so Grand, but no less important – section will describe the patrons of French artists, among them the famous art dealer Paul Durand-RUEIL, acquired during his life, nearly 5,000 works and, in the words of Claude Monet, who saved it from starvation many artists.

The first UK exhibition dedicated to the relations between French and British artists, patrons and art-dealers during the complex period of the Franco-Prussian war, will run from 2 November to 7 may.