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Exhibition October 25, 2019 − January 19
Treasures of the Spanish world
Exhibition "Treasures of the Spanish world"tells the rich history of Spanish culture over the past three millennia, thanks to some of the best works of art from the Iberian Peninsula and Spanish colonies.

With over 200 works of art and historical documents, highlights of the Hispanic Society of America in New York (the main collection of Latin American art and culture in the United States), “Treasures of the Spanish World” will feature works from Spain and Latin America. Including artifacts from Roman Spain; decorative art and manuscripts of Islamic Spain; painting, sculpture, decorative art and paperwork from the Middle Ages, the Golden Age and eighteenth-century Spain; Latin American Colonial Arts; and Spanish paintings of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A significant number of these works have not been exhibited outside the Spanish-speaking community, and some have never been exhibited before.
All artworks at the exhibition