Ivan Shishkin and his art circle

Exhibition February 21 − September 8, 2019
Museum complex "Hazine" holds an exhibition of paintings and drawings from the museum collection "Ivan Shishkin and his artistic circle".

The exhibition presents the well-known and beloved by fans of the works of I. I. Shishkin "Mowing in an oak grove", "Swiss landscape", "Meadow", "At the cottage" and many others. In addition, the exhibition provides a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the least known facet of the master’s work - a draftsman and etching experimenter, the largest Russian engraver of his time.

The exposition of paintings and drawings by I. I. Shishkin is complemented by the works of his friends and students: V. M. Rezanov, L. L. Kamenev, A. A. Borisov, etc. At the exhibition, you can rarely see a work by master of landscape landscapes F. A. Vasiliev "Cheboksary" and "Skeet at night" landscape painter, marine painter, Major General of the Fleet P.N. Wagner, for the first time - "At the Ditch (Spring)" by I. I. Brovar.

The presented collection allows us to fairly fairly trace the creative formation of the artist, since it includes both early student works of the 1850-60s and works of a mature period, up to the last year of Shishkin’s life.

Based on the official website State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan.