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In thisexhibition more than 100 works presented in the period from 1972 to 2007 are presented. A retrospective review of the works of Miguel Angel Campano (1948 - 2018) is offered here.

This exhibition, the last exhibition project in which the artist took a direct part, will give an idea of the constants of his career, marked by an emotional impulse, as well as an analytical, cultural and referential approach to the painting itself.

The exhibition includes the first works made in the seventies, mainly exercises of geometric abstraction. Already in the early eighties, the artist changed the format, which with references to literature raises the problem of the boundaries between abstract and figurative. Almost at the same time, Campano became interested in the pictorial tradition: from a thematic revision of Delacroix, Cezanne or Poussin to immersion in the genres of still life and landscape.

During the nineties, Campano's work went through various stripping processes: references to traditions are abridged, black and white replace color. Geometry, firstly, is serious and sonorous, although in the middle of the decade organic and fertile forms appear on canvases, which are even associated with musical compositions and with repeating structures, such as prayers.

Campano returned color to his work only in the 2000s.