Alexander Tyshler. Play and histrionics

Exhibition July 14 − September 17, 2017
In the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin opened an exhibition of the famous painter "Alexander Tyshler. Play and mummery".
The exhibition consists of about 150 works by Alexander Tischler – paintings, drawings, sketches of costumes and scenery – from the collection of the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin in addition, among the exhibits there are works from private collections.
The last personal exhibition of works by Alexander Tischler was almost 20 years ago in Moscow. The current large-scale show dedicated to the publication of the catalogue of the artist's works in the Museum's collection.
The main motive of the exhibition is the relationship of the stage with poetry and fiction.
The exposition is divided into five parts, each dedicated to one of the themes that have preoccupied the artist throughout his life: "Man on Earth", "Death", "Love, or Dream about the Beautiful Lady", "Theatre" and "Caprichos".
The theatre provides the audience with one of the most important pages in the works Tischler, who during his life he designed over 80 productions in the theatres of Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk. The works presented in this section differ in style and color unity, starting with the overall design of the decorations and finishing details of the costume.
In the section "Love or Dream about the Beautiful Lady" presents works that share a particular female image accompanying the artist throughout the work.
The category of "Man on Earth" brings together the exhibits, embodies a special attitude of the artist: the family is part of the Universe, maybe even the pillars around which revolves the universe.
The most dramatic section of the exhibition – "Death theme" in which the artist's works show images of human unbridled and senseless cruelty. The tragic fate of relatives, friends and acquaintances, events of the Civil war, led to the emergence of a series of "Execution", "Massacre", "Makhnovshchina".
The theme of the "Caprichos" in the work of Tischler appears impressed by the people's theatres, booths, folk festivals and performances.

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