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Exhibition August 9 − September 15
Arkady Vychugzhanin. Painting and Graphics
Irkutsk Regional Art Museum. V.P. Sukacheva presents an exhibition“Arkady Vychugzhanin. Painting and Graphics ".

The exhibition presents paintings, sketches and graphic sheets of an outstanding artist of Russia, one of the best masters of psychological portrait in the country.

An adherent of realistic painting, in his work Arkady Vychugzhanin combined the high traditions of Russian culture and the philosophical quest of the sixties. In the interpretation of multi-valued images, a piercingly dramatic era is visible, reflected in the guise of contemporaries of the artist. Artists, scientists, fellow artists, workers and residents of Siberian villages - each Vychugzhanin saw a deep inner life, a unique personality. In his paintings, sketches, graphic sheets, the truth of life appears in all its splendor, affirming the value and beauty of the human person.

Based on the official websiteIrkutsk Regional Art Museum. V.P. Sukacheva.
Photo paintings - Eugene Nepomnyashchikh.