Buffalo Art: Rafael Beck, Frank Penfold and Burr Nicholls

Exhibition July 12 − September 29, 2019
Artists Raphael Beck, Frank Penfold and Burr Nichols identifiedbuffalo artin the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They all settled in Lockport, New York, one of the most important places along the Erie Canal.

Small affluent communities can become the home of prominent artists. In the case of Lockport, New York, known to many, this was true during the nineteenth century.

Due to the city’s fame at this time, artists who became synonymous with Buffalo art history chose Lockport as their home. Artist Rafael Beck - painter, monumentalist, illustrator, engraver, sculptor and teacher, creator of the logo of the 1901 Pan American Exposition. Frank Penfold, president of the Buffalo Society of Artists in 1896, was the artist’s son and grew up in Lockport. A friend and fellow of the Lockportian artist, Barr Nichols studied at Port Aven in Brittany with Penfold. Both members of the Buffalo Society of Artists created a link between France and Western New York.