War Pencil Master

Exhibition July 25 − September 23, 2019
Erarta Museum of Modern Art invites you to visit the exhibition of Joseph Efimovsky"War Pencil Master".

The exhibition presents man-made copyright sheets of the Efimovsky 1970–1990s, which were distributed throughout the Soviet Union.

The author is considered a singer of the everyday genre: in his cartoons everyday life is reflected, the problems of upbringing, intergenerational relationships, behavior in public places, drunkenness and negligence of officials are raised. The artist was able in his works to catch the unique intonation of time, dictated by the propaganda party machine. The Soviet era is over, the realities of life have changed, and the eternal themes raised in the cartoons have remained eternal. The exhibition of Joseph Efimovsky gives the viewer the opportunity to make an exciting journey into the past and enjoy the artist’s drawing skills.

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