Time fix

Exhibition July 25 − September 23, 2019
Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition of artist Andrei Popov"Time-based editing".

The exposition presents the work of a representative of a new generation of satirists, who can hardly be called caricatures.

Andrei Popov opened his own genre of hand-drawn parable, which is based on the gag, ridiculous absurdity. According to the author, it is the absurdity that makes his work related to caricature, which, in turn, can be not only a comedy, but also a melodrama or even a tragedy. The change of seasons, the male and female worldview, the lives of our smaller brothers, the elements of Russian reality - the artist is touching and surprisingly accurate, with irony and self-irony, describes the essence of our daily existence.

Andrei Popov's works regularly receive the highest marks at international art competitions, his philosophical cartoons are cosmopolitan and speak with a person about a person in a universal language that is accessible to all.

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