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Exhibition March 20 − July 19
Bauhaus Graphic Portfolio
Being a supporter of the unity of art, design and craft,Bauhaustaught printing as an equal to other disciplines.

Since 1921, the Bauhaus was headed by the “Master of Forms” Lionel Feininger. He was responsible for filming the Bauhaus Prints project, a selection of new European graphic works printed between 1922 and 1924 and published in four portfolios. The 1921 announcement read: “Many who do not yet know about the Bauhaus and cannot know should be aware of us through these portfolios.”

The unification of the artistic vanguard of Europe in the field of printing was an ambitious task. The first portfolio was dedicated to the “Bauhaus Masters”, the rest - prints from Germany, France, Italy and Russia. In total, the Bauhaus portfolio contains 52 engravings by 45 artists.

The exhibition features four Bauhaus portfolios, as well as other portfolios printed in the Bauhaus by Lionel Feininger, Vasily Kandinsky, Oscar Schlemmer, Laszlo Mohol-Nadem and Element Lisitsky.

Artworks at the exhibition

All artworks at the exhibition

Artists at the exhibition

All artists at the exhibition