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The Museum of Modern Art of Odessa hosts a temporary exhibition in memory of the artist, poet and friend of the museumVadim Greenberg. The exposition includes the author’s works from the museum’s funds, as well as those provided by Alexander Wernick, Vladimir Maslov, Peter Rosencrantz and the artist’s family. The exhibition operates on the second floor of the main building, as part of the new museum collection exposition.

Vadim Greenberg (1947-2019). Born in Odessa. He graduated from Odessa Pedagogical Institute. In the late 70s, he worked actively as a designer. From the beginning of the 80s he lived alternately in Odessa and Moscow, participating in numerous avant-garde projects. In 1989 he moved to the USA, actively collaborated with various American galleries. Published two poetry collections. The master’s works are in numerous museum and private collections in various countries.