The art world. The twentieth century

Exhibition July 17 − August 23, 2017
July 17 The Odessa Museum of Eastern and Western art launched the exhibition "the twentieth century". Its main theme is the blurring of the boundaries between art schools of the different States, the gradual formation of the world, a cosmopolitan art from the totality of the national. "Western and Eastern art of the 20th century, United by common problems, are one" - trying to convey to the audience the organizers of the exhibition.

The exhibition presents more than 150 paintings, graphics and sculptural works by 50 artists from 20 countries. This Victor Vasarely (France), Jian-Shilong (China), Luis Ortega (Spain), and Yuri Gorbachev (Russia) and Antonio SARIO (Mexico) and many others.

A pleasant surprise for the visitors was the work of Pablo Picasso, it turns out that the artist worked not only in painting and graphics, and painted ware. "At our exhibition you can see the two plates that Picasso put his humanistic beliefs and philosophy in support of peace worldwide", — said the assistant Director of the Museum Ekaterina Mihaleva.

All work for the exhibition comes from private collections of the Museum. To get acquainted with international art of the 20th century in any day, except Wednesday, until August 23.