Ballads of other worlds. Recycle-art. Artist Igor Ivanov

Exhibition September 4 − October 1, 2019
The Museum of Modern Art “Artmuza” in the halls of the gallery “Business Art” holds an exhibition “Ballads of other worlds”.

Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the work of artist Igor Ivanov, working in recycling technique.

The exposition presents works of different years, in which the artist thinks that everything in nature is cyclical and seeks to return to its origins, and then begin a new cycle of movement. Many of the author’s visual-plastic finds amaze not only with a nostalgic note that refers to futuristic illustrations of science fiction genre novels and which are remembered, first of all, by incredible illustrations, and only then, by text, but also, by the impressive depth of references to archaic and mythology that have become the hallmark of the artist.

According to the official siteMuseum of Contemporary Art "Artmuse".