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"Murzilka and world imperialism. Graphics Abinadab Kanevsky"

Exhibition July 18 − August 10, 2017
Gallery "vellum" presents the exhibition "Murzilka and world imperialism. Graphics Abinadab Kanevsky", dedicated to the legendary Soviet cartoonist Aminadab Moiseevich Kanevsky – Creator known to all Soviet children Murzilki and "Girls revushky" from the poem Agnes Barto, author of the rosta Windows and popular cartoons in "the Crocodile", a great book Illustrator. Today the graphics and posters of the artist are in the collections of the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum, the Russian state library, private collections in Russia and abroad. The exhibition presents about 60 works of Kanevsky 1930-1960-ies: cartoons, posters, illustrations from the collection of the gallery "vellum" and the collection Lyubov Agafonova.

First pictures of Amminadab Kanevsky appeared in print in 1924 in the journal "Atheist at the machine"; at the end of 1920-ies – in the magazines "pioneer" and "Give!" in the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", from the mid-1930s Kanevsky is the author of "Crocodile". Witty drawings – political and domestic, connecting a sense of humor and creative talent that made Kanev one of the most popular and recognizable authors of the satirical magazines of the USSR, today turned into a bright and artistic evidence from the period. Here and problems in agriculture (the"Plan of the cowshed", the magazine "Crocodile, 1955; "Milking the bees", 1962) and geopolitics ("Trade with China", "American rhetoric in the UN, 1952).

Popularity Kanevsky – a literary Illustrator was, without exaggeration, a national – publications with his illustrations have been millions of readers);

For their "children's" works of Kanevsky is not just doing illustrations he created his own world and own characters, who began to live an independent life. In 1933 in the magazine "pioneer" appeared "Unusual Here-it" is an inquisitive animal with two bear paws, bird's beak and handle of the umbrella instead of a tail. In 1937 Kanevsky created a new look Murzilki – this fabulous character (he's portrayed and forest dwellers, and the dandy in tails, and even a little dog) existed in children's books since the late nineteenth century and 1924, it was named children's magazine. Figure Kanev became what we know it – yellow, fluffy, in a beret, a scarf and a camera.

The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to see Abinadab Kanevsky "outside" cartoons and book illustrations and appreciate the skill of the artist in a subtle, restrained, psychologically accurate graphic and watercolor works.
Galleries at the exhibition
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