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Cristóbal de Villalpando: Mexican painter of the Baroque

Exhibition July 25 − October 15, 2017
In new York's Metropolitan Museum opened an exhibition of colonial Latin American art "Cristóbal de Villalpando: Mexican painter of the Baroque".
Cristóbal de Villalpando (approximately 1649-1714) was in the 1680-ies not only as a leading artist in Mexico (then New Spain), but also as one of the most progressive and experienced artists all over the Spanish world. Bright representative of the Mexican Baroque, he proved that the art of the New world is not inferior to the painting of the masters "old" Europe.
This exhibition shows one of the early masterpieces of the artist's monumental painting, depicting two scenes: "Moses and the brass serpent," and "Transfiguration of Jesus" – in an unprecedented juxtaposition of these stories of the Old and New Testament.
Painted in 1683 chapel in the Cathedral of Puebla, Mexico, not so long ago renovated, the picture height over 8.5 meters have never left the city. Also the exhibition shows ten works that demonstrate creative manner Villalpando, professionalism of execution, attention to detail, his inner vision of the famous religious stories.
Almost all of the pictures (except one) brought from Mexican museums and previously in the United States was not present.

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