Exhibition August 15 − November 10, 2019
Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition of Russian-German artistDani Akulina "Penumbra".

The exposition presents large-scale landscapes of the author, conquering European spectators with mastery of performance.

Danila Akulin's paintings are an apology of drawing as an independent artistic expression. The author deliberately limits his means. “I experimented a lot, studied sculpture, then painting, until I realized for myself that I can say much more with a pencil than with a brush and paints,” the artist muses. - The line drawn with a pencil is many times more interesting to me of the line drawn with a brush or the line that arose at the border of two color surfaces. She can convey much more information. ”

The scale of the landscapes of Akulin corresponds to the greatness of the depicted. The endless sky, fields and open sea are associated with metaphysical landscapes of K. D. Friedrich. But where romanticism sounded an enthusiastic hymn to the universe or a pacifying elegiac motive, Akulin, who creates the world literally from the chaos of darkness, has a disturbing feeling of discord with a majestic element.

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Galleries at the exhibition