Hyperrealism. When reality becomes an illusion

Exhibition September 19 − November 4, 2019
The State Tretyakov Gallery in the halls of the Victoria Gallery (Samara) holds an exhibition“Hyperrealism. When reality becomes an illusion ".

The exhibition presents paintings and graphic works by artists of the mid XX - XXI centuries.

Hyperrealism (or photorealism) is a trend in European and American art that has been forming since the mid-1960s as a reaction to pop art and minimalism.

The works of hyperrealists are the result of long work on combining various techniques and practices of vision. We can say that in the regime of hyperrealism, a dialogue of individual and collective perception is carried out. The topic of hyperrealism remains relevant, since over the past twenty years the “second” virtual reality has gradually supplanted the “first”, and now the period and the conditions when the “second” reality was just emerging and no one realized it as a natural habitat are interesting. At an exhibition of hyperrealism, viewers will have the opportunity to test their sense of reality.

Prepared from the materials of the official website of the State Tretyakov Gallery.