West: the Epic in art and cinema

Exhibition May 27 − September 10, 2017
Denver art Museum presents a unique exhibition "The West: an Epic in art and cinema"affecting a large reservoir of American history and culture. This is the first major exhibition devoted to the study of the Western genre and its evolution since the mid-1800s, years before the present time through visual art, film and popular culture.

The history of the development of the West, thanks to this film genre, like westerns, seem to the uninitiated as a brutal confrontation of heroic cowboys and treacherous Indians cruel as the ability of anyone to achieve their dreams, there in the distant and vast prairies. The creation of the romanticized, mythical West, helped to cover up the ugly story of the seizure of territories and mass extermination of indigenous population of America, about the hard way of learning, which killed tens of thousands of migrants.

The exhibition presents 160 works on gender roles, race relations, and violence, offering a visual journey that shows that the West is much more than just cowboys, bandits, gunfights and bar fights.

The West is synonymous with romantic large-scale paintings of Frederic Remington and albert Bierstadt. It also is embodied in the works of contemporary artists such as ed Rushey and Kent Monkman, and the films of John Ford and Sergio Leone. Featuring these and other artists, writers, filmmakers, and historical figures together, the exhibition "West: the Epic in art and cinema" celebrates how the mythology of the West gradually spread around the world as evolved today.

The exhibition is organized by the Denver art Museum in conjunction with The Montreal Museum of fine arts.

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