Great Makovsky

Exhibition August 1 − September 29, 2019
Samara Regional Art Museum holds an exhibitionThe Great Makovskydedicated to one of the most famous creative dynasties of Russia.

The exhibition in the Marble Hall of the museum displays paintings and drawings of the three most famous representatives of the Makovsky dynasty - Vladimir, Konstantin and Alexander - a total of 44 works.

Peering into the complex landscape of Russian art of the second half of the nineteenth - the first twenty years of the twentieth century, we see that the Makovskys occupied their own special territory here. Their creative activity covers a large time period, they are not lost against the backdrop of their contemporaries - great and small, giving in their artistic practice answers to the questions formulated by this time - each in its own way. They opened the Russian national theme, as it were, from different angles, one as an acknowledged, detailed critical realist, the other as an artist of an academic direction with a bias in the field of salon painting, and the third as an plein-painter, landscape painter, close to Russian impressionism. Representatives of one creative dynasty, they are great in terms of the volume of their creative heritage left to us as a whole, because in Russian the word "great" has another significant meaning - "big".

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