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City breath

Exhibition August 29 − October 6, 2019
Samara Regional Art Museum invites artist Mikhail Shulpin to the exhibition"The breath of the city".

The exposition acquaints the audience with the picturesque work of a talented Samara artist.

Shulpin's style can be defined as post-expressionism with the influence of Turner and Munch, but his work is distinguished by “Russianness”. Contemplative, meditative expressionism with thin trees in a fog and flickering fire of a spiritual substance lost in our realities. Mikhail is an artist in the fifth generation. For him, art is, first of all, a form of spiritual practice. A hidden world of sincere faith reflected in landscapes. The world is universal and very personal.

Based on the official websiteSamara Regional Art Museum.
Photo by Mikhail Shulpin: galleryArt bridge.