Exhibition September 15, 2019 − February 16, 2020

The Max Ernst Museum presents an exhibition of the ghostly worlds of the outstanding French illustrator and screenwriter Jean Giraud (1938 - 2012), who received international fame under the nameMobius(Moebius). He worked with Ridley Scott and Luke Besson, participating in projects from Blade Runner to The Fifth Element, rethinking the Silver Surfer for Stan Lee.

Möbius explored the realms of dreams and science fiction. In his stories, utopian architecture and futuristic metropolises teeming with people meet desert landscapes and shamanistic travels in time and space.

Mobius erases the boundaries between comics and art. With immense power of imagination, he created a constant stream of surreal worlds with its precisely arranged lines. For decades, Mobius sent viewers on adventure travels to the endless worlds of his imagination.

Read in Arthive: translation of a Mobius lecture entitled“A quick guide for animators”, which consists of 18 tips. They are really good, and useful to any illustrator.