Between Heaven and Earth II

Exhibition September 11 − October 10, 2019
The All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art presents an exhibition project"Between Heaven and Earth II".

The project consists of three parts, each of which can be considered an independent exhibition. The first part is a tribute to the ethnic component of the East Meets West Gallery, which can be traced from the foundation of the gallery in 1999. The second is a group exhibition of permanent artists and sculptors of the gallery. The third is a small special exhibition of sculpture and objects in the carriage of the museum.

The project was attended by contemporary Russian artists who own the techniques of a particular type of applied art, characteristic of China and Japan: the ceramist Viktor Reshetnikov, artists Dmitry Ikonnikov, Olga Osnach and sculptors Maxim Aksenov, Oleg Kievsky, Victor Korneev. The synthesized layering of the exhibition, its appeal to the ancient fundamental cultures of China and Japan enrich our modern idea of the world, of the relationship between Heaven and Earth.

Prepared by materialsAll-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art.