Jiři Bezlaj

Exhibition November 28, 2019 − January 19, 2020
In his fifty years of sculpting, Jiři Bezlaj has produced numerous sculpture series and cycles that have left a recognizable mark on contemporary Slovenian sculpture. Bezlaj primarily works with stone, which is also the material with which he has achieved enviable aesthetic and creative levels. His art language is unique, full of imagination and authorial freedom.

On the substantive or symbolic levels, he is usually connected with nature or physicality, with his carefully carved out stone forms often hinting at figural depictions (of man or animal). Jiři Bezlaj is, without a doubt, one of the most eminent Slovenian stone sculptors and this exhibition will be his most comprehensive presentations so far.

Photo: Jiři Bezlaj, Hrošč, 2010 - 2016 
Galleries at the exhibition