David Hockney: Works from the Tate Collection

Exhibition August 30, 2019 − January 5, 2020
In partnership with Tate, M WOODS presents the exhibition “David Hockney: Works from the Tate Collection" in China. The exhibition has nearly 100 works covering the author’s career from the mid-1950s to the present. A wide range of possibilities of the master in the traditional fields of painting, engraving, graphics and his use of photographs, digital technologies is demonstrated. The works are mainly taken from the Tate collection in the UK and include a number of Hockney's most iconic paintings - The Big Splash, Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy, and My Parents.

David Hockney first visited China in 1981 with Stephen Spender, a British poet, and they worked together on the book The Chinese Diaries (1982). The exhibition shows how Chinese painting continues to have a profound impact on the practice of the master from the point of view of the theory of painting, technology and perspective.
Galleries at the exhibition