Klimt and Rodin: artistic meeting

Exhibition October 14, 2017 − January 28, 2018
In 2017 marks 100 years since the death of Auguste Rodin (recognized "father of modernist sculpture"), and in 2018 – Gustav Klimt (an innovative artist and one of the founders of the "Vienna secession"). In connection with such significant dates Museum of the Legion of honor in San Francisco will open the exhibition on these iconic artists of the 20th century.

Rodin personally met with Klimt only once – on the "Beethoven Exhibition", organized by the Vienna secession in 1902. Sculptor attended the event and left totally delighted: he claimed that he "had never felt such an atmosphere", he was struck by music, paintings, and beauty, perepletaetsya there in one piece.

The exhibition aims to show the connection between the works of artists to talk about their impact on the art world. The exhibition "Klimt and Rodin: art meeting" will, in fact, a creative dialogue between the two geniuses of the 20th century on their favorite carefully studied the subject: the image of love, beauty and sensuality.

It is interesting to know that the works of Klimt, provided specially for this exhibition, the collections from all over the world, shows in California for the first time.