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Exhibition September 27 − October 20
A visible song. Yuri Zaitsev
Chuvash State Art Museum (ChGHM) holds an exhibition of works by Yuri Antonovich Zaitsev“A visible song”.

The exposition presents more than 90 works (paintings, graphics, photographs) and archival documents from the collection of the Chuvash State Art Museum, the Chuvash State Institute of Humanities, and private collections.
The artistic language of Zaitsev’s works has a vivid national specificity, reflecting a close relationship with the people's worldview and worldview. The artist noted that “the symbolism of color in the canvas is my thoughts ... When I listen to the song, I imagine the sound as a figure ... Bright colors are, apparently, the call of the soul, a visible song ...”. Thanks to natural talent, he created a number of paintings that entered the treasury of the Chuvash culture.

No less significant is the photographic work of Yu.A. Zaitseva. Natural giftedness and determination allowed him to rise to such professionalism that the photographic activities of Zaitsev became known internationally.

Based on site materialsChuvash State Art Museum.

Galleries at the exhibition