Vein. Modern. Klimt, Schiele. The way to the end of the century

Exhibition August 27 − December 8, 2019
Osaka National Museum of Art presents an exhibition "Vein. Modern. Klimt, Schiele. The way to the end of the century”, Dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Austria. This exhibition is a new attempt to unravel the Viennese culture of the end of the century from the point of view of the "process of modernism." The exposition consists of four chapters: Vienna in the Age of Enlightenment, Vienna in Biedermeier, Ringstrasse and Vienna, 1900 - Vienna at the End of the Century. The exhibition includes more than 300 works from the Vienna Museum, 47 works by Klimt and 22 paintings by Schiele. Exhibits such as works and materials of modernist architecture, such as the architect Otto Wagner, Biedermeier-style furniture, fashion and graphics, and paintings by musician Schoenberg are on display.

From the end of the XIX to the beginning of the XX century, a unique and decorative culture flourished in search of a new art. Today, the direction of this era is called "art of the end of the century."