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Order of things

Exhibition September 19 − November 10, 2019
Artstory Gallery of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition of works by the classic of Russian contemporary art Andrei Borisovich Grositsky"The order of things".

The exhibition will show works of different periods, including works that have never been exhibited, or exhibited for a long time and once.

The artist’s focus is on the most ordinary things - household items, peeling walls, old musical instruments, keys, locks, and sometimes just pieces of rusty metal. And although the model is usually an object, it would be a mistake to call his works still lifes, because Grositsky does not “portray” the thing as it is, but transforms it, endowing it with a new meaning, revealing its “secret” beauty and essence.

An appeal to the world of a thing, its metaphysical image, the transition to a laconic and generalized color, and characteristic plasticity of the image gave reason to mention Grositsky among the founders of “Russian pop art” and made his painting recognizable not only in Russian art, but also on a global scale. The artist’s works are in major museum collections, including the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the MMOMA Museum, the Zimmerly Museum (New Jersey, USA), a number of regional museums in Russia, and many private collections around the world.

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