When Flowers Don't Cast Shadows & Continuous Function

Exhibition October 17 − November 17, 2019
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents solo exhibitions of two contemporary artists: Anastasia Potemkina“When Flowers Don't Cast Shadows”and Daria Irincheeva"Continuous function".

The new project of Anastasia Potemkina is a story about utopia, where the Earth is inhabited exclusively by plants that exist in complete harmony with the outside world and with each other. At the exhibition, viewers are presented with dozens of “plant incarnations” - drawings, prints, neon inscriptions, and even a large installation with an enchanted forest.

The project of Daria Irincheeva is a series of multimedia compositions from simple building materials - brick, packaging film, wooden veneer and others. The author focuses the attention of the viewer on the symptom common today - a feeling full of anxiety and anxiety that the only and continuous mode of human existence is work.

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