Youth Union. Russian avant-garde 1909 - 1914

Exhibition October 24, 2019 − January 19, 2020
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, "Encyclopedia of Russian Avant-Garde" and State Russian Museum present an exhibition“Youth Union. Russian avant-garde 1909 - 1914 ".

The project presents the works of Kazimir Malevich, Olga Rozanova, Elena Guro, Mikhail Matyushin, Vladimir Tatlin, Pavel Filonov, Joseph Shkolnik, Mikhail Larionov and others - there are about 80 works by 35 artists in total.
As part of the exhibition, such masterpieces as, “An Improved Portrait of I.V. Klyun ”by Kazimir Malevich,“ Feast of the Kings ”by Pavel Filonov,“ Radiant Landscape ”by Mikhail Larionov. Also, little-known avant-garde works from the Russian Museum, art museums of Russia, Latvia and private collections will be shown. Works for the exhibition were provided by 15 Russian and foreign museums, as well as three private collections.

The St. Petersburg Youth Union Society is the first officially registered association of avant-garde artists, six months ahead of the Moscow Jack of Diamonds. Participation in the activities of the society influenced the work of key figures of the Russian avant-garde - Larionov, Malevich, Tatlin and others. The forces of the members of the "Youth Union" organized an all-Russian platform for communication between artists and the exchange of new artistic ideas. Almost all members of the association played an important role in the development of pre-war avant-garde art.

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