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Phantom Bol

Exhibition October 31, 2019
On July 31 about 19:00 at the Bread factory there will be a show of the “Fantasy Boli” show - the result of previous history, culture and social processes. The artist is reflexive at the social center of the middle of the city, now she has a foldable political situation, we’ve passed from the ж zhovtnevim ’. The main method is rethinking and reaching affected reality with a focus on transforming the situation in the USSR.

Дідусь Ленін Love you all? Todi mi come to you!
What do we know? 25 Zhovtnya (after the old style) 1917 rock "Great Zhovtneva socialist revolution" saw the portal, with a kind of rushing stream rushing like a great "sacred" power of the crooked-red color. Vaughn blessed the new “progressive” brotherhood and not one generation of boys and girls, “uncle” and “mother”, grandmother and child (for the slang of “citizens”). We’ve gone for hours. The hours, by no means well, lost the same, but all the same, they became less and less recognizable, I became wondrous and clumsy, as if the picture was twisted when the dawn was broken. The picture is all the same, well, it’s not a big deal, ale. Blessed is the power that is no longer necessary for the image of cute, sonorous, visual clarity and monochrome clarity. New farbi y pvtoni appeared, and more so than not visually singing de bile, but de chorn. It’s absolutely not harmful, why should I hurt you?
It looks like you have “phantom boli”, like, lay down, lay on, violate your chervoni, “phantom organizations”.
“The Rite of Exaggeration": on the remaining day of the "sacred" month of life of 2019, by force, by a whitened hand and by the powerful bazhennya, we closed the portal. Kupuєmo “phantom Boli” and amputuєmo “phantom organi” of red color. Indicated before stagnation:
1. You do not know how to mean October, Pioneer, Komsomolets, party - all the same - a sacred ritual. Become professionally prevented.
2. Most often, when you were born, they insulted you with a sickle and a hammer, took you to the "October", pioneri, all-Russian, all-kind "chervoni" members of the Bagatolic, United, chervono, partії, meaning you have a unique chance to bring your friend "Partіnu head, the" third "red heart, but the brain in the form zirochki. It’s possible, surely, to take refuge in that, for example, in the most generous way, with a piece of a hat, you’ve got the most out of it, like the brain of Sharikov, I’m implanted to you, of course, I have to ask you for your help.

Alona Tokovenko pratsyu on the ground symbolism and power, abstraction and power. Victory’s experience is one of universal concern, so I’m broadcasting the process, I’m trying to add some people to the whole city, there are a lot of problem areas, more than one reason.

Vіdvіdati vistavka can be from 31 Zhovtnya on 14 leaf fall, for the address vul. Kirilivska 65b. Відвідання після відкриття, for front-end housekeeping.
Galleries at the exhibition