Exhibition 19 − February 26, 2017
The exhibition, entitled "Tako" ("so", "Thus")
represents the final part residency of five young Montenegrin artists, who during December and January at the invitation of the Dukley European Art Community lived in Budva and worked in the workshops of the Dukley Art Centra in Kotor.
The unusual name of the exhibition "Tak"– though a bit vague, but still leaves enough space for the scope of different artistic approaches of young artists. In fact, this "So" refers primarily to each of the artists individually, that is, the expression means "I work", while someone else, some other artist works differently, but in the first person and he says, "I'm working ". And yet the title of the exhibition is not just the sum of these separate "I'm working", it still somehow gives a true picture of our time – time scattered
disoriented, lonely subjects...
Galleries at the exhibition